The best Sweet Pea seeds for next summers flower vases

Sweet Peas have quickly become one of my favorite cut-flowers. They are fragrant, beautiful and easily grown from seed. Here is an overview of some of the best Sweet Pea seeds for cut-flowers.

Planting Sweet Pea blossoms is also a perfect activity for children, as they don’t need much care. Just pop a couple of seeds into a small pot on your windowsill during early spring and water them once in a while. Transfer the seedlings to a larger pot on your balcony, or into your garden once spring has arrived and give them something to climb on.

sweet pea cut-flower

Too much effort? Sweet Peas can also be sown directly into a pot on your balcony once the frost has passed, or in a sunny spot in your garden. With just a little bit of love you will be rewarded with vases full of fragrant blooms the whole summer.

If you’re feeling more ambitious, like I am, you can train your Sweet Peas into perfect cut-flowers. I am starting the seedlings indoors in roottrainers in march/april, and pinching them out so that I get big strong plants, as well as earlier blooms.

I am planning ahead this year, as I have big plans for the cut garden.

Here are my picks for next years cutting bed:

The reason why I chose exactly these Sweet Peas is because they have large flowers and thicker stems, so they are great for arranging in vases. They also all smell amazing.

I am also eyeing Sweet Pea Earl Grey, and Sweet Pea Turquoise Lagoon because they look so beautiful! I am considering Sweet Pea Matucana for the garden, as it is the strongest scented Sweet Pea in the world. *You can also find Sweet Pea Matucana seeds here.

There are so many different varieties of Sweet Pea seeds to choose from! You can see loads of varieties here. (producer Sarah Raven), or here (producer Chiltern Seeds). Both have great mixed packets so that you don’t end up with hundreds of seeds… like I have willingly. 🙂

That’s the lovely thing about seeds… they cost very little, and you can always just store them in a drawer and save them for a rainy spring day.

Will you be planting Sweet Peas next spring?