Spring flower arrangement from the garden

Spring flower arrangement from the garden, narcissus golden ducat, spirea, tulipa exotic emperor, underthefloralspell

Yesterday I put together my first floral arrangement completely with flowers from my garden. Even though I am living in a half-finished renovation project, with a garden that is nowhere near how I want it to look, I have to pinch myself. I’ve dreamt about a house and garden similar to the property that I now live in for years. I’ve also dreamt about picking beautiful flowers from my garden.


Base: Hellebores / Highlights: Tulipa Exotic Emperor, Narcissus Golden Ducat, Narcissus Dutch Master / Filler: Spirea

Tulipa exotic emperor, Narcissus golden ducat, Narcissus triandrus thalia, spirea, under the floral spell
floral spring arrangement, tulipa exotic emperor,

The white, ruffled tulip with the green details in the images above has completely taken my heart. It is called Tulipa Exotic Emperor, and it opens up to show the most beautiful buttercream center. I will be growing it every year from now on.

This is Spirea, which belongs to the rose family. I inherited from whoever planted it in my garden. Thankful! I gave it a little trim this winter, as it had grown unruly. That’s how I learned that it blooms on last years growth. Oops! I will remember to not do that again.

Narcissus triandrus thalia, narcissus golden ducat

This image features three different types of narcissus. The large yellow narcissus in the image is called Golden Ducat (*I wrote on my Instagram that it is called Dick Wilden, as it looks almost exactly the same, but after some research I have decided that it is a Golden Ducat – either way, both would work), The white Narcissus in the middle, with the two buds under it is called Narcissus Triandrus Thalia. It is a delicate Narcissus with three blooms on each stem. The classic trumpet-style daffodil in the image is called Dutch Master.

The arrangement smells wonderful – like honey.