Simple and sophisticated decorative wall panelling

Exciting things are happening inside “Bekkehagen” og “Brook Garden” as we call our home here in Norway, because of the babbling brook that passes through our property.

I’ve been wanting to decorate the walls with decorative wall panelling since we took over this property just over a year ago, but I didn’t rush into it, because I wanted the design to be well thought through.

I wanted the walls to be sophisticated, but it was important that the design also reflected Scandinavian simplicity. After going through hundreds of images on Pinterest and Instagram I finally found the right design for us when skimming through the book Live Beautiful by Athena Calderone.

A simple square in beautiful carved wood.

I brought home 8 different wood panel samples and tested them all on my walls until I found the one that felt just right.

So here we are! A simple, decorative detail that has huge impact.