My May garden

May was tulip month. They lit up my whole garden, and were a sight to behold.

Tulipa queen of night
Double tulips Sweet Desire mix

This was my romantic border. I planted tulips in this area, because I didn’t expect the peonies that I moved to bloom on their first year. But if you look closely in the first image, there are peony buds everywhere. They seem to have settled well in their new position. They look down on the garden, placed at the top of a hill. The queens of Brook Garden. In a few years I hope that they have grown so thick that there wont be any space left for tulips.

Tulipa Queen of Night

But since I mentioned queens, this is Tulipa Queen of Night. The darkest tulip. She is very tall and graceful, the Naomi Campbell of tulips. She got the most attention from walkers, and the most comments from visitors.

Tulipa Fosteriana
Tulipa Exotic Emperor

I have to mention that I was afraid that I hadn’t planted enough tulips in this area. I think that this will be a recurring unfounded fear every year. Especially because I am going to test if they come back. I will plant some more, of course, but leave areas where I hope that they will return. I’ve done my research: Fosteriana tulips should come back.

White Hyacinths and Tulipa Exotic Emperor
White Hyacinths

I would have never planted these hyacinths, had they not come in a mixed bag of bulbs that I wanted. Thankful for them now! They smelled lovely and looked lovely tangled up in Tulipa Exotic Emperor.

Tulipa Rose
Tulip mania

By the time that the tulips began to fade, the world descended into even deeper chaos and disorder. It was if the weight of the world was too much for my tulips. They began to bend their necks, turn their faces to the ground and fade away.

25th of May 2020. A historical date. George Floyd lost his life. In his last moments he pleaded for his life, repeatedly said that he couldn’t breathe, and called for his mother. Being a mother, my heart ached, and my whole self filled with sorrow. Still his mothers little boy, just in a mans body.

Daffodil mix Golden Ducat, Dutch Master

The daffodils were fantastic. They bloomed all the way in to June. My heart was too heavy to care. I was too worried about what would come next.