My July garden

It’s Friday night in mid-August, and I’ve finally gotten the chance to write my entry about my July garden. I’m quarantined at home for ten days due to a work trip to Stockholm. At the local post-office I have packages containing face masks that I have purchased that are waiting to be picked up.

The world that I now live in feels surreal to me. Travel is highly restrained – only necessary trips are advised. It has just been announced that the government recommends face masks on public transportation as well as other places where social distancing is difficult.

Luckily I have this garden, and my children. My own little peaceful world within a crazy world.

This July has been slightly colder than what the first picture portrays, but I didn’t mind. I finally have more pictures that show the garden, not just close-ups of flowers! A few of the gardens many rooms are slowly starting to take shape.

A young Climbing Iceberg rose preparing itself for world domination.

I have high hopes for this Flammentanz rambler rose. I am hoping that it will climb it’s way to the top of our balcony.

These roses belong to a hedge that I planted by the road. They are historic roses called Stanwell Perpetual.

The hedge was planted this spring. I dream of the day that it is almost two meters tall and smothered in scented roses.

Philip and I enjoying the “secret garden” behind the house. On the other side of the garden is a conserved forest area in my neighborhood.

A shot of the “secret garden” from the master bedroom. It doesn’t look like much from this shot, but its quite big! I will take you of a tour one day when the plants get a little bit more established.

Delicate “Amazing Gray” poppies

James playing in the garden in front of the house. By his foot you can see the beginnings of a Lykkefund rambler rose. One day I hope it creates a roof over the top of the stairs.

This is the beginning of the “secret garden” and what I think is going to be my favorite part of the garden one day.

My first Dahlia planted from seed to bloom. It’s first flower came in May. I’ve given her the name “Early Bird”

Clematis Hagley Hybrid climbing a tree.

Cosmos Xsenia. Gorgeous little plants with flowers that light up surrounding dark foliage.

Gorgeous poppy seed heads, from the earliest blooms.