My february garden

Tête-à-tête daffodils

February was a month with both sunshine and snow. A tug-of-war between winter and spring. I grew impatient waiting for all of the bulbs that I had planted into the garden in the autumn, so I bought a tray full of cheery yellow Tête-à-tête daffodils.

Tête-à-tête daffodils

Despite being warned of drifts of snow that were scheduled to fall from the skies in the following weeks, I couldn’t help but buy the daffodils. I knew that the bulbs would survive, even though the flowers would take a beating.

When I have some extra time I will tuck them into the ground somewhere in the garden. They will hopefully bring me joy for years to come.

Iris Reticulata

If January was all about Hellebores, then February is all about Iris Reticulata.

How did I not know that I would fall in love with these diminutive blooms? The few bulbs that I have in pots will be lovingly planted somewhere special in the garden. Next autumn I vow to plant even more.

This was my garden on my way home from work one late February evening.

The sun was setting. I reminded myself to enjoy the garden as it is today, because as the years pass it will evolve. My little (big) project.

The garden shack frightened me when I first moved to this property. I couldn’t wait to fix it up, change it completely. Now it greets me like an old friend, and I am terrified to miss it in its old bones. Rustic, half-rotten and once-forgotten.

BONUS: Here is a little peek at my Valentines bouquet. John did so good! He usually forgets how much flowers mean to me, but this time he remembered. This Is probably the most beautiful bouquet that I have ever received, captured forever in images.