My August garden

August is usually my favorite month of the year, but this year it passed so quickly that if it was a flower it would have been a peony in full bloom.

Life is in one of its hectic seasons, mostly because James started first grade of school and little Philip started kindergarten. New routines have had to be formed. There have been rucksacks to pack, pack-lunches to prepare and a busy job to maintain.

Suddenly we’ve had to learn to wake up early in the mornings again, and suddenly I’ve found myself catching up on emails late at night.

I remember the weather being warm in August, but I also remember not being able to enjoy it. I remember that it didn’t rain much, but that I also didn’t water much. Weeds popped up overnight, flowers weren’t deadheaded.

Still the garden was floriferous. Blooms spilled out of every corner.

I didn’t take many picture of the garden in august. I was too overwhelmed. Luckily there will be next year, and next year won’t be as crazy. Knock on wood.