Is this Norways version of Twin Peaks?

Lista, in Farsund, is one of the strangest, most beautiful places that I have been to in Norway.

There was something ominous about my trip to Lista, in the best possible way. I felt like I was in a crime novel. The weather changed from gloomy and rainy to sunshine throughout the day, and the air was thick with a feeling of foreboding. The town was like no other town that I have seen in Norway. Lista has strong ties to America, due to a long history of emigration. You can see links to America everywhere: in the street names, the restaurants and their all-american store called Trunken. Every year they have an American Festival. Lista is also home to the longest beaches in the whole South of Norway. I have never felt so breathtakingly on my own, walking around in the nature with my little family. It was stunning.

The center of Farsund is like most charming southern towns. You can find the best type of classic houses, charmingly tight alleyways and winding stairways. I was in architecture heaven. Farsund also has a history of pirates and witch-burnings. No wonder I was constantly a little freaked out.

Another thing to note is the road that leads to Farsund from Kristiansand city. It is beautiful, winding alongside sights like this gorgeous fjord. Next time we’ve decided that we’re taking a boat.

 ♥ Ingrid Holm