Norway travel: Lindesnes Lighthouse

Welcome to the South of Norway, one of my favorite regions in Norway.

Today I am going to write about Lindesnes Lighthouse – or Lindesnes Fyr as it is called in its local language. Lindesnes Fyr is Norway’s oldest lighthouse, located in the southernmost part of Norway. The name Lindesnes stems from old Norwegian, and means “where the country sinks into the sea”.

It is possible to climb to the top of the lighthouse and look out over the sea. This was absolutely terrifying for me, as I am afraid of heights. I got myself to the top, but once there, I clung to the wall like a crazy bat. The view is breathtakingly rough and beautiful. I don’t have any pictures of the view because I was too busy fearing for my life.

The area around the lighthouse also offers spectacular, less terrifying views. It’s a beautiful day-trip to take if you ever find yourself driving around the southern coast of Norway.

This is a place that I am definitely going to return to in another season.


♥ Ingrid Holm