Grand Hôtel Stockholm


Most of you have probably caught that I spend a whole lot of time in Stockholm. Most of the time, when I travel for work, I spend time in a little hotel room located right outside of the Stockholm Central Station – because it’s quiet, super practical and close to a gym that I like to go to. Sometimes when that hotel is fully booked, I try to check out a new hotel somewhere else in town. Between my blogging and traveling for work the past eight years (first in PR, then interior and now my job in eyewear), I think that I’ve lived in over 20 different hotels in Stockholm. Maybe more.

Grand Hôtel Stockholm is one of my absolute favorite hotels.

First of all, I really like the details that make the rooms feel luxurious. It’s not the usual “hotel-flashy” stuff.  I like the good cabinet space, the fact that there is a nice big desk to work on, and a good armchair by the window, even in the smaller rooms. The floors are great to walk on and the bathroom is surprisingly spacious and of good quality. Small personal details make me happy like the robe and slippers waiting for me, and the the breakfast order card which you can hang outside of your hotel room door any time before 3 am.

The details in the interior are also incredibly inspiring for people like me that enjoy that kind of stuff. The last time I was there I spent a whole lot of time taking pictures of the moldings and the floor, because no cost was spared. I was making mental notes for my new house. It is easy to tell when a hotel uses “designy” details that are cheaper but still look good. This hotel does quite the opposite: the rooms look and feel like they were built to last for hundreds of years. That’s quite uncommon nowadays.

 I travel a lot on my own, and have slept in a lot of strange hotels. The service that I experienced in this hotel was perfect, because the people that worked there were so discreet.  I really appreciated that.

The bathroom is a treat. Maybe I love it so much, because I love Carrara marble. If it was up to me, I would probably use it everywhere in my home. Luckily I have John that helps me tone it down and keep it classy.

I usually travel on my own, so the room in these pictures is the single room. You read more about this particular room here.

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The rooms tours are so inspiring!

♥ Ingrid Holm