How to divide and transplant peonies

I have always dreamt of mass plantings of peonies in my garden, and this dream quickly became a reality when I found about 12 mature peony plants almost choked out by weeds in my lower garden. This entry explains how I transplanted my peony plants to a new flower bed.

My August garden

Here comes a concise but very floriferous update from my garden in august!

My July garden

It’s Friday night in mid-August, and I’ve finally gotten the chance to write my entry…

My June garden

Welcome to my June 2020 garden! What can I say – the world is a…

My May garden

By the time that the tulips began to fade, the world descended into even deeper chaos and disorder. It was if the weight of the world was too much for my tulips. They began to bend their necks, turn their faces to the ground and fade away.

An ode to lilacs

This morning i picked lilacs for my home from a building site on my street. Lilacs spread willingly, and tomorrow I am going to see if I can dig out a young part of one the enormous bushes to take home with me, before the building work starts again and they all get torn down.

My April garden

Welcome to my April garden! Spring finally arrived in April and the garden has slowly…

My march garden

March has felt like one long, arduous wait for April. While the world around me…