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If not now, then when?

Ingrid Holm house renovation project norway countryside

Six weeks until takeover! I can’t wait to show you some clearer pictures. This is a screenshot from a video that I took at the viewing, for my own personal use. Some of you have asked me why in the world we’re moving when our house now is finally so nice, and the answers are…

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With a little help from my friends

° ADVERTISEMENT ° My face is ready for autumn, with a little help from my friends in Lancôme. Finally! A make-up collaboration that delivers! I couple of weeks ago I received some items from the Lancôme x Proenza Schouler collection in my post box, and I love it! The first thing that appealed to me was the…

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Is this Norways version of Twin Peaks?

Lista, in Farsund, is one of the strangest, most beautiful places that I have been to in Norway. There was something ominous about my trip to Lista, in the best possible way. I felt like I was in a crime novel. The weather changed from gloomy and rainy to sunshine throughout the day, and the…

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Green knit

Hi and welcome to my first entry that is completely composed on my iPhone! So many years I’ve repeated the time-consuming process of logging on to my laptop, uploading and working on my photos, logging in to WordPress in a browser, writing my entry and finally pressing the publish button. Right now I’m composing this…

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Norway travel: Lindesnes Lighthouse

Welcome to the South of Norway, one of my favorite regions in Norway. Today I am going to write about Lindesnes Lighthouse – or Lindesnes Fyr as it is called in its local language. Lindesnes Fyr is Norway’s oldest lighthouse, located in the southernmost part of Norway. The name Lindesnes stems from old Norwegian, and means “where…

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Ingrid Holm house tour black kitchen metro tiles

We really did it. We sold our first family home. A lot of you guessed what we were up to when I started posting our “house tour” pictures and videos on Instagram. They were taken to sell the house. 🙂 Luckily we’re just moving about ten minutes away. We live on a peninsula right outside…

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Grand Hôtel Stockholm

Ingrid Holm Grand Hôtel Stockholm review single room

SNAPSHOTS FROM MY FAVORITE HOTEL IN STOCKHOLM. Most of you have probably caught that I spend a whole lot of time in Stockholm. Most of the time, when I travel for work, I spend time in a little hotel room located right outside of the Stockholm Central Station – because it’s quiet, super practical and…

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I’ve teased this for a long time, and now it’s finally here! A full house tour of my home. When we bought the house, much of the house hadn’t been changed since the sixties. Still, when John and I walked through it for the first time, we both felt this wonderfully calm feeling. We were…

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You’ve changed

It has been quiet here, I know. One of the benefits of not blogging commercially any more is that if I don’t want to… I don’t have to. Still, life has gone on without the blog, and through the months and years I’ve found myself changing. I had my son young-ish, by Oslo standards. None…

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The Family by the Fjords

It has been a long time since I have posted a vlog. Secretly I’ve been playing around with video the past couple of months and I am starting to enjoy it. I intend to make more of these from now on, maybe also speaking a little more as well, if it turns out ok. Here is…

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